This Ride's A Blast!

TROY Troy Arman

Born and raised in Marlboro ("farm country") in Northeast Ohio, Troy has sung and played sax since he was 11 years old. Troy's Mom was a HUGE Elvis fan and his Dad introduced him to Ray Charles and other greats, Troy's love of the drive and "soul" of Pop, Soul, Funk and any music, beats in his heart, every waking moment.

Troy played bari sax in school bands and college. He started out on alto, but once he got his hands on a bari, something clicked (more like "BLASTED!") and he has since preferred the bari sax for its power, tone and ability to "bring up the bottom" in any arrangement.

Compared to the likes of Peter Cetera, Paul Carrack, Steve Perry, Daryl Hall and even Sam Cooke, Troy has sung in Pop, Classic Rock and Hard Rock bands, both in Ohio and KC, since 2000. Troy has actively searched for just the right mix of R&B, Funk, Soul, horns, and harmonies — and finally found it in Platinum Express!

"Everything that I have learned and loved about music and being in a band, up to this point, has led me to Platinum Express. This is such an incredible group of not just extremely talented, very experienced and thoroughly skilled individuals, these are genuine, good people who truly love and enjoy music. I'm honored and have the privilege of learning from them and sharing their stage. —And if it seems like we're having the time of our lives, it's not an act!"

— Troy