This Ride's A Blast!

Rick Pfeiler

hen Rick was 15, the band leader who lived next door (and had loaned him his first acoustic guitar and chord primer at 13) called to say he had been through countless auditions of bass players and guitar players attempting to switch, trying to fill the bass vacancy of a player recently drafted into military service. Would Rick be willing to join the band? A bass was already available to him. He was sure Rick would be able to learn the bass in no time. The band leader knew, you see, that Rick had an undeniable ear for music. All that Rick needed to do was to consent (and get permission from his parents). No audition would be necessary. And that is how the bass guitar chose Rick, and not the other way around.

Rick continued playing professionally throughout high school and during college where he majored in music education. The professional life beckoned, though, and teaching was not to be.

Over a career spanning 40 years Rick has played in bands as stylistically divergent each from the other as imaginable. Rock / pop / funk dance bands; Soul / R&B horn bands, jazz fusion, traditional jazz, big band jazz, even a stint as the singer / guitarist in a country band. When asked what his favorite style of music to play is, Rick will invariably reply “I like it all, man. I love music.”

Rick brings his love of and experience with horn based bands to Platinum Express with the enthusiasm of someone who truly admires their brand of “sweet Soul music” mixed with hard driving rhythm and blues..