Mike Small
Mike Eaton - Valve Trombone, Trumpet

Mike Eaton is a native of Kansas City and has been performing here and around the country for some 40 years now. His career started on the trumpet which he played until 2005 after which he switched to the valve trombone. He played in clubs, Vegas show rooms and in the circus bands where he made his living for several years. During his years in Las Vegas Mike worked and performed with the likes of Wayne Newton, Liza Minelli, Stan Kenton, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.
For the past 25 years however Mike has made a career out of repairing band and orchestra instruments. One way or another Mike has stayed in the field that has brought him so much pleasure. He is a graduate of UMKC and the Conservatory of music where he received a degree in both trumpet performance and music education. The dental work that caused Mike to switch to the valve-trombone has opened up a whole new world for him and he has said that he enjoys it immensely.