Our New Site!

People have been asking us,
“What’s with your web site?”
“How come you don’t have recent pictures and bios of all the band members?”
“Where is the list of upcoming shows?”
“Why aren’t all your songs listed?”

These are all great questions and until now, our response has been, “I dunno.”

But all this changed this week with a complete rebuild of
www.platinum-express.com. The new site will bring you news from the band, new pictures from recent shows and thoughts from members of the band on everything from historical references of music we do, to thoughts on current artists.

15 Years - It's A Love Thing

15 Years ~ It’s a Love Thing ~

Platinum Express has reached a milestone this year. We will be celebrating 15 years of continuously playing music in Kansas City and the surrounding area!
This is a great time to remind everyone how easy it is to have a great band like Platinum Express play for your Private Party, Wedding Reception or Corporate Event. Live music is a wonderful way to convey to your loved ones, friends and business partners how much you appreciate them. Because Platinum Express is a multigenerational band, you can be sure that our music will appeal to just about everyone.
To get a price quote and check for available openings in 2016 & 2017, use our
Booking Page.